Top Tips To Get Your Resume Noticed By Recruiters

Top tips to get your resume noticed by recruiters

How much time do you think a recruiter takes to go through a resume?

A few minutes maybe?

Well, the truth, according to a study by TheLadders, is that recruiters spend an average of six seconds reviewing a resume.

Sounds insane, right?

So, now the real question is how to get your resume noticed so that it can last more than those 6 seconds.

In this guest post, Tressie Williams, a corporate professional with a passion for corporate recruiting, outlines 6 top tips to make your resume stand out quickly…

1. How Readable Is Your Resume?

Your choice of the resume format and fonts play an important role, as it is the first thing to get noticed, if not by a person then by a search bot.

Your sole aim should be to provide as much information as possible in a few seconds.

Therefore, the last thing you want to do here is get fancy, unless it’s a job which requires you to be creative. Then make sure to show off your resume with a perfect blend of creativity without getting way too flashy.

Else, always opt for a simple and a clean format and fonts such as Garamond, Arial, Georgia, Helvetica and Calibri.

As for the size of the fonts stick to the standard size 10-12 points.

2. Are You Sending The Same Resume Everywhere?

The most common mistake almost everyone does is, send the same resume to every organization that they apply for.

The key to get your resume noticed and to get the job is to optimize it according to the profile of the company you are applying for.

Be creative in this part because recruiters are not an expert in the field for which they recruit. They are just normal people looking for certain specific keywords on the resume to see if the person is capable of the job or not.

So never forget to add those keywords in your resume, else it will be trashed by a computer before it even reaches a human being.

In addition, avoid grammatical & spelling mistakes at all cost. They are absolutely inexcusable in the 21st century.

3. Is Your Resume Way Too Long?

In general, the resume is said to be of not more than one or two pages.

But, if you have a lot of experience related to a specific position, then only add on one other page. If not, do not bother to include.

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If you add that other page, do make sure that your first page is compelling enough for the reader to continue to the next page. You should always, always avoid writing paragraphs for a resume unless you are applying for a research grant or a position in higher education.

Instead, use bullet points in short phrases with facts and figures that demonstrate your skills and experience.

This is an easy way how to get your resume noticed.

4. Your Skills Make You Or Break You!

The recruiters, basically looks for a common set of skills required for the job and from you, they expect to see the proof that you have those skills.

The best way to understand the requirement is to study the job description carefully. Jot down the required skills and add your skills accordingly to your resume. Make sure to place this part almost on the top where the recruiter can easily spot them because, ultimately your skills are the things that you will be offering your potential employer.

And, be prepared for the typical skill questions the recruiter will ask by going through job interview skills training question and answers or videos.

Though trying to match an employer’s expectations can be daunting, it is the past experiences that give you the edge over others.

5. Your Achievements Speaks For You

If you are still stuck with those high school achievements on your resume, then better use that space to get your resume noticed for the real achievements you have achieved over the years.

That light hearted information will eventually come up in the face to face interview. So, use this part of the resume to enable the potential employer to understand the kind of performer you were in the previous positions you have held.

Research has shown that your past performance predicts your future performance. So, never forget to add the challenges you faced, the actions you took to correct the problems and what the results were.

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6. Are You On Social Media Websites?

We all are living in an age where everything is done on a computer and social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page etc. and most importantly Linkedin, a must for every age professional says more about us than we can sometimes put into words.

Include them only if you are public and an active user. Add the active social media handles to let the recruiters know a lot more about you, this will make your resume stand out from the crowd.

How to get your resume noticed: Summary

The list of these tips is unending as there is always scope for improvement.

But, begin with a small step today by applying these tips to your resume and begin to notice the difference for yourself!

Tressie William is a corporate professional who has been studying hiring trends in the corporate world closely. She runs the website Interview Right Consulting.