Woolworths Interview Questions (with Brilliant Example Answers)

Congratulations on getting an interview with Woolworths! Now it’s time to get to grips with Woolworths interview questions.

Your resume was good enough to get you through the first filter, and now you’re faced with an interview.

This article covers some common Woolowrths interview questions. For each question, we give a brief explanation of what the interviewer is trying to understand by asking the question, and provide an example answer.

Let’s dive right in…

1. What do you know about Woolworths?

Your interviewer is trying to find out if you have done your homework or not with this question.

Before your interview, research Woolworths to make sure you understand the company and it’s history.

For example:

  • What goods or services do they sell?
  • How many stores and locations do they have?
  • What is the total staff number?
  • How much revenue do they make?

The Woolworths career site is the best place to find some of this crucial information.

Example Answer:

“Woolworths is a diverse group of retail businesses including some of the most recognized brands. With over 3,000 work locations.

The Woolworths group employs over 200,000 staff in multiple countries, who serve over 29 million customers every week. It was founded in Australia in 1924 and now “Woolies” is a common household name across the country!”

2. Why do you want to work for Woolworths?

Your motivations for joining the company are being explored here. Your interviewer wants to see if you are looking join for good reasons, and not just because you need a pay check.

Be positive and enthusiastic about the company. Outline how the company matches up with your personal values, and how you can see yourself building a future there.

If you’re applying for a customer facing role, emphasize how much you enjoy dealing with people and providing exceptional customer service.

Example Answer:

“I have been a Woolworths customer for many years now and they are my go-to grocer.

I like the diversity of opportunity offered by the size and scale of the company. Over the course of a long career with Woolworths, I would love to work in different areas of the business to truly understand how the company operates.

The fact that Woolworths are proud partners to local farmers and suppliers is important to me. I believe in trading locally and appreciate that Woolworths takes social responsibility seriously.”

3. Tell us about providing great customer service – what do you do to make sure the customer is happy?

Your interviewer is looking for you to explain the approach you take to providing excellent customer service. They want to hear an answer that reassures them that you could represent the Woolworths brand well.

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Example Answer:

“Good customer service is about meeting expectations. A customer expects certain things from Woolworths, and it is our job to make sure they receive those things in the way they expect. Or even better – going above and beyond expectations.

In dealing with customers, I think it is important to understand what they want. Once I understand that, I know what I can do to reach that state. Then all I need to do is deliver that and I will have a happy customer.

In the rare event that I or the company cannot meet a customer’s expectations, it is important to apologize, explain why, and offer an alternative solution.”

4. How would you deal with an abusive or rude customer?

Sadly, not everyone is kind and polite all the time. And working in a public-facing environment, you will come across rude or abusive people from time to time.

With this question, you are being tested to see how you would react in this situation. It is important to outline your strategy for dealing with this situation that shows you can reach a positive outcome.

Example Answer:

“First of all, I would look to diffuse the situation by remaining calm. I would look to lead the tone of the conversation by staying polite and respectful at all times.

I would look to understand if there was something we could do to make the customer less upset, and then aim to deliver that.

If the customer does not respond well I would then look to complete the customer transaction politely yet quickly, so as to not cause upset to other customers or staff.”

5. What is your greatest weakness?

A classic interview question, aimed at seeing how self-aware you are. It can be tricky to answer.

You don’t want to say that you don’t have any weaknesses, as that comes across as being arrogant. And you don’t want to expose weaknesses that would make you unsuitable for the job.

So outline a weakness that won’t harm you chances of getting this job. And in every case, explain what you are doing about the weakness to make it a strength.

Example Answer:

“For this role, compared to my colleagues a weakness would be that I do not have the same level of product knowledge. However, I am quick learner and I am confident that I would get up to speed very quickly.”

6. What is your greatest strength?

Another common question. Without boasting, really emphasize a quality that lines up directly with the job you’ve applied for.

Look at the job description or the job advert. It will clearly state what the company want in a person for that role. Choose one or two of the priority criteria and really sell yourself on those.

Example Answer:

“I have a tremendous work ethic. I really take pride in working hard, both on my own or as part of a wider team.”

7. What would you do if a customer wants a product but we are out of stock?

This question is to see how you would handle a situation that could lead to an upset customer.

Show how you would empathize with the customer, and then offer an alternative solution that could still make them happy.

Example Answer:

“I’m really sorry, but we’re all out of stock on the product. I can check if we have it in stock at another store for you? Or alternatively, I could order it in here and let you know when it arrives?

An other option would be to order via our website and have it delivered directly to you door. Would you like to check if we have it available online for you?”

8. If you noticed a problem, but there was no manager nearby, what would you do?

This question is designed to see whether you can act on your own initiative. You want to show your interviewer that you can think for yourself, and don’t need to be micro-managed.

Example Answer:

“If I noticed a problem of any kind, first of all I would assess it to see if it needs dealing with immediately or can be left until later.

If it needs dealing with immediately, I would think of the best course of action to take. This would involve ensuring safety first, then looking to find a good outcome for our customers and staff.

As soon as I could, I would update my manager to let them know what has happened. I would outline the steps I had taken and explain the reasons why. I would also advise if I thought further action was needed or not.”

9. What would you do if you realized you had forgotten to charge a customer for an item as they checked out?

This question aims to see if you are willing to tackle difficult situations.

It would be easy to pretend you hadn’t noticed and let the customer leave, But that would impact the company finances. And if you approach the customer you could lead to them getting upset.

A well balanced answer is needed…

Example Answer:

“I would politely and discretely attract the attention of the customer. Then I would let them know that I made a mistake (not them) and forgot to charge for certain item. I would apologize for the error, and ask if they could return to the cashier desk.

I think it’s important for me to stress that it was my error to avoid creating any embarrassment for customer.”

10. Why should we hire you?

This is your best chance to really sell yourself now. So really go for it!

With passion and energy, go through the key reasons why you should get hired. Align these to the specific role you are applying for to get maximum effect.

Example Answer:

“I am passionate about many of the values that are shared between me and Woolworths. I am excited about the opportunities that Woolworths can offer.

I have a good track record of delivering excellent customer service. I am a team player, and I work well with others to reach a common objective.”

Woolworths Interview Questions: Conclusion

These are some common Woolworths interview questions, with sample answers. By using this information, you are now better equipped for your Woolworths interview.

Best of luck!